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Giada Valenti

Award-winning Venetian vocalist Giada Valenti whisks her audiences away with pageantry and poignancy, dazzling them with her breathtaking vocals, captivating beauty, and her lavish stage presentation. Though every facet of her artistry has been meticulously nurtured-from her prodigious musical talents to her theatrical savvy as a performer-one thing is in the moment every night: her heart. That is because the Los Angeles-based artist has been brave enough to heed the calling of her soul.

“I could have had a safe life back home in Venice with my parents, but I dared to dream big. When you do this, people will say you’re crazy,” the iconic performer says. “But don’t listen, push through the sweat, the hard work, the risks, and the rejection, and you’ll see, dreams do come true.”

Giada’s currently celebrating a career milestone with her PBS television special From Venice With Love which is now being released as a CD and DVD. The show is a carefully curated celebration of romance that embraces a wonderfully eclectic canon of classic and contemporary love songs. Within the stunning From Venice With Love show, Giada gorgeously reimagines songs made popular by such diverse artists as The Carpenters, Rosemary Clooney, The Beatles, The Doors, Christina Perri, The Bee Gees, Linda Ronstadt, Dusty Springfield, Roberta Flack, Bread, and Domenico Modugno, among others. The show was filmed in electric New York City, but the DVD is interspersed with transcendent footage of Giada’s beloved home, Venice, Italy. This past June Giada performed with Andrea Bocelli on PBS.

One thing paramount to all of Giada’s success has been her humility and her commitment to giving back. “My grandmother once told me: ‘When you become successful, you are who you are not because of your God given talent, but you are there because people love you so always give something back.’ I never forgot that,” she says. It’s not a surprise that because of her character and values, Giada has been recognized by many esteemed organizations.

When Giada reflects back on her life and her powerful journey, she says: “My story has been really to look for happiness, and spread happiness to others. What’s kept me going throughout everything is dreaming-dream big-that’s what keeps me going.”

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Event Details

Date / Time
Friday, October 7, 2022 @ 7:00 pm
The Reserve Golf Club of Pawleys Island
18 Reserve Drive
Pawleys Island, SC 29585
Ticket Price
$35 – $75

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Map of The Reserve Golf Club of Pawleys Island

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